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Why support Marymount?

Unlike some older schools, Marymount has no form of endowment, meaning that we are entirely reliant on income from fees and philanthropy. Every building of campus has benefitted from some form of philanthropic support from the Marymount community. Each generation of Marymount families has “paid it forward” for the generations to come.

Supporting our mission: nurturing caring, capable, courageous young women

Supporting the school means creating space and programmes to support kind and open-minded future leaders. Our international community on campus share common values and often different experiences of the world. As an IB world school, girls welcome the chance to share their views, faiths and traditions. This is reflected in the design of each lesson, each building and each room on campus, as well as our beautiful outside spaces which encourage interaction and discussion.

Community, kindness and curiosity are critical components of a Marymount education, defining every girl’s experience at the school. By supporting Marymount, your gift will inspire and instil these crucial values into the next generation.

Bursaries at Marymount

In the spirit of our mission as a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary school, Marymount offers fee assistance to families whose daughters show great potential but who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Bursaries allow students to fulfil their potential at Marymount regardless of their family’s financial situation. By supporting bursaries, your gift will allow us to continue stewarding the mission of the Sisters of the RSHM into the future. Marymount girls are unique in their outlook, as they are “firm in faith, vibrant in hope, rooted in love and one in service”. We firmly believe that every girl has unique gifts and talents to share with our community, and affordability should not be a barrier to becoming a Marymount girl.

During the pandemic, over £100,000 was raised to support girls who wouldn’t otherwise be able to continue their Marymount education. We would be delighted to have your support, bringing the whole Marymount community together to support our budding global leaders.

Supporting the RSHM in the Zambezi region

Conscious of the problems of the needy and marginalized women and children in the world, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary act to address these problems. In 1998, the four RSHM international schools in Europe were linked to the RSHM missions in Africa. Marymount London – alongside our sister school in Rome – supports the missions in Zambia through the Abana Project.

Partnership with St. Joseph’s Zambia

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Main House
Renovated 2018 and 2019 thanks to a gift from the RSHM sisters
Chapel Renovations
Renovated 2014 thanks to support from the community
Fab Lab
Created thanks to donations from the community
Our Lady's
Built in 1993 thanks to a community appeal
Anne Marie Hill Sports Centre
Almost completely paid for by the School’s largest appeal to date, completed in 1985
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